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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

Passion Twists tutorial - the style of the summer

Lynda Moyo

Boho passion twists with ombre and mixed hair

Boho passion twists with ombre and mixed hair

It’s the style of the summer that everyone is talking about. Passion twists are a trend started by The Boho Babe who came up with the style as a quick and easy alternative to the goddess locs that we all know and love.

If I’m completely honest I have never loved twists. They often remind me of those tie backs you get on old fashioned curtains so I knew it would really take a lot for me to ditch the braids for them. Well, I’ve tried them and I now take it all back!

Twists don’t have to be neat and shiny. Passion twists prove they can be just as free and natural looking as real dreadlocks but the real beauty of them is they take a fraction of the time to create. Here’s how I did mine…

What’s the best hair to use for passion twists?

I was 100% inspired by a Youtuber named Alex Jae. If you have a look on her page you’ll see that she creates the most natural looking, Lisa Bonet-esque, hippy chic passion twists. Part of the reason why hers are so great is the colour. She used Freetress Water Wave braid 12” in colour TT27 which is a two tone ombre brown and honey blonde. This hair has been so popular that it’s sold out in a lot of shops and I had the same problem. But where there’s a will there’s a way and there are many other brands and colours that look just as good! I opted for 22 inch Cherish deep twist bulk in colour 2 (two packs,) 22 inch Cherish deep twist bulk in colour DE27 (five packs) and 22 inch Aftress deep twist bulk in colour T27 (one pack). This combination of colours created a really natural, sunkissed, highlighted look. See my video for how I mixed the colours on my head.

How many packs of hair do you need for passion twist?

I used 8 packs in total. But this depends on how chunky you want them. I wanted mine to be thick and full so I needed a lot of hair.

What’s the best way to do passion twists?

As with all protective styles, the best way is whatever works best for your hair. So for for my hair the best way did not require any rubber bands, gel or foam/mousse and I'm really happy with the result. No twists have slipped out. This is because my hair is quite coarse (roughly a 4A curl pattern) so braids and twists tend to stay in really easily. To put mine in I braided the extension hair in at the root and then started to twist. I kept twisting all the way to the end. And voila!

What styles can you do with passion twists?

I like to wear mine down and in a messy side parting. It works up in a high pony too. I’ve also experimented with accessories and I really love these little gold hair rings that look very boho! (If you purchase through this link I will make a very small commission so thank you)

How long do passion twists last?

As I type this, I’m on week five and my twists are ready to come out. They still look good to the untrained eye, but my hair needs washing now. I guess how long they last, as with most protective styles, depends on how well you look after them. But that said I didn’t do anything special with mine. I didn’t even wear a scarf at night. Oops!

Are passion twists heavy?

I would say they are heavier than box braids because I used way more hair but they’re not uncomfortable.