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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

Mane of Your Own podcast baby!

Lynda Moyo

(L-R) Claire Quansah and Lynda Moyo, Mane Of Your Own podcasts hosts

(L-R) Claire Quansah and Lynda Moyo, Mane Of Your Own podcasts hosts

I’ve been a bit quiet of late for two lovely reasons. The first is, I’m expecting my second baby and for anyone who has a toddler and is pregnant you’ll know just how tiring that is. Mama is knackered and as a result my hair, well, just isn’t worth sharing right now!

Secondly, in terms of Mane of Your Own, we too have just had a new ‘baby’…. The first full British podcast on black hair.

I say we, as I absolutely couldn’t have done this without my friend Claire Quansah AKA Mumsomnia. Together we have launched Mane of Your Own - the podcast and even though we only came up with the full idea in September we’ve somehow managed to get our first episode out during Black History Month and we’re oh so proud of it.  So a bit more about it…

Why are we doing a podcast on black hair?

Quite simply because we could talk about it endlessly. It used to be sort of taboo to talk so openly about what was going on with your Afro beneath the weaves and braids. But now we’re much more open and proud to not only discuss issues, but also help each other get better at looking after our hair.

In the podcast trailer I describe it as ‘getting to the root of the deep tangle that is our hair’ simply because there is so much to say that goes way beyond hair styles. It can get personal. It can get political. Ultimately both Claire and I have stories and experiences to share that we feel are worth hearing, no matter what your hair texture or preference is. We also want to get others onboard as guests to discuss specific topics. We’re already learning a lot and long may it continue.

Mane of Your Own

Where can you listen?

You can listen to Mane of Your Own - the podcast on the following platforms:




Also available on Android, just search Mane of Your Own.

What sorts of topics can we expect?

To be clear, this isn’t just a podcast about natural hair. It’s important to both of us that it’s inclusive. The beauty of Afro hair is the different options it allows, from weaves to braids, straight to kinky, wigs and more. It’s our crowning glory and we want to honour that.

In terms of topics, we have a list as long as my arm. High on the agenda right now is the natural hair movement, relaxers and straightening, the 'professional' debate, hair shops and why very few are run by black or mixed race women, the culture of black hair salons, hair loss and much more.

For the very first episode though, we thought it would make sense to talk about our own hairstory, what it was like growing up in the UK in the 80s and 90s with Afro hair, including discussions with their mothers too. My mum is white British and talks about how white mothers have a duty to learn and understand how to manage their mixed race children’s hair. Whilst Claire's mum, who is from Ghana, talks about how things have changed since the 60s and how raising two daughters to love their natural hair wasn't always easy.

How can you get in touch to be part of the podcast?

For comments, questions and topic suggestions simply use the hashtag #maneofyourown and we’ll respond. And if you’d like to come on the pod as an expert on a particular topic then please do email me: and I will get back to you.

Happy listening!