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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

Ombre braids hairstyle for 2018

Lynda Moyo


Ombre box braids have been a rising black hair trend for sometime now thanks partly to Beyonce’s Lemonade which showcased so many amazing braids styles. 

I think ombre braids will continue to be the hairstyle for 2018. However, when I’ve looked in my usual afro hair shops in Manchester, I’ve never been able to find the natural, sun-kissed, well-blended ombre braiding hair I dream of. 

Luckily for me, a fabulous 100% woman-owned and black-owned company called Latched and Hooked have been admiring my braids styles on Instagram from afar - 4,000 miles to be precise, they are based in Atlanta in the USA but ship worldwide! They offered to send me some hair from their vast collection so I could share my results with my followers. Mission accepted!

Watch my full video tutorial below and scroll further for questions and answers about this look…

What is this fabulous braiding hair?

The hair I used for this natural looking hairstyle is from the Latched and Hooked Braid Collection. The hair is from their curated line of custom dyed synthetic textured braiding hair. 

The colour I chose is a three toned ombre number 53 and it costs $10.99 per pack. There are a lot of different colour combinations on their website from the natural to the completely whacky! Rainbow colours are really trendy right now too and Latch & Hooked has the entire spectrum! 

How many packets of hair were used?

I chose to do my box braids quite thin and I left the ends out to copy that Zoe Kravitz style that I love so much. I used a tiny pinch of hair per braid and it’s because of this that my whole head only required 2 full packs of hair. I had lots left over which I will use for a future style. A little goes a long way when you do very thin braids.


What products did you use under your braids?

I moisturised my hair using Blue Magic - this is a product I used to use when I was a kid and I've recently started using it again because my hair grew to my waist back then!

How long did it take to finish these braids?

I braid my own hair by myself and I never do it all in one sitting. I like to take my time and do it over a number of days. This probably took me about 15 hours in total. But when you break that down over 4 days it’s actually not so bad! And you can always hide the stages with head wraps - my favourite are from Sunuker, (another woman-owned black-owned company) - and by cleverly disguising the unfinished sections by tying it up in a bun. 

How do you seal the ends of the braids?

I don’t seal the ends when they’re this thin. This hair has a nice textured grip to it so it doesn’t slip out anyway. 

How did you get the braids to look wavy?

I wore these braids straight for Christmas and then in the New Year I wanted a new look so I made my braids into two chunky braids and then dunked them in boiling water. I dried them off and undid the braids and voila - wavy hair!

Dunk the two big braids into boiling water (be careful). Pat dry then undo and the waves will stay.

Dunk the two big braids into boiling water (be careful). Pat dry then undo and the waves will stay.

How often do you need to wash these braids?

Personally I don’t wash my braids. This is personal choice. I have no issue with leaving them to marinate in their own natural oils for 4-6 weeks (lol) but some people don’t like doing that. 

How long does this braids style last?

It depends how well you look after them and how good the hair is - a lot of synthetic hair gets matted and tangled quite quickly. This hair is high quality and lasts well so I will leave this in for 6 weeks.


Would I recommend this braiding hair?

This is some of the best braiding hair I’ve used. It’s really soft, the colour is very natural looking, blended perfectly like a true ombre and also it did not tangle up too much. I thought it was great value considering I only used 2 packs and didn’t waste any hair due to tangling. I also feel great knowing I’m supporting a black business woman by using this hair which sounds corny but it’s the truth, go listen to Family Feud ;-)

Want to recreate this style? Buy ombre braiding hair from Latched and Hooked.

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