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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

Blonde Goddess Faux Locs for 2017

Lynda Moyo

Blonde Goddess Locs

Blonde Goddess Locs

I can't get enough of Goddess Locs and this time I wanted to try a different colour. This is mainly because I saw Zoe Kravitz had dyed her hair blonde (the obsession lives on!) and really wanted to copy but didn't have the guts to reach for the bleach! This is a good damage-free alternative if like me you don't want to dye your hair. Honestly, if you want healthy afro hair, dying it blonde is up there with relaxer in my opinion. Steer clear!

I thought it would also be useful to answer some frequently asked questions about my goddess locs generally whilst showing you my new style.

How much did it cost and how many packets of hair did I use?

This style really did not cost much as I didn't use human hair this time. I used one pack of X-Pression synthetic Ultra Braid hair (£2.49) for the base and two packs of J'Adore Afro Kinky Twist Marley hair (£5.99) to wrap around the braid and create faux locs. Both types of hair are colour 613. 

How do I get Goddess Locs to look natural?

Take your time. I never ever rush my hair. But at the same time, don't try and make them too perfect. It looks more natural if each loc is unique and not regimented!

Do I wash it?

Yes and no. I don't like shampooing a protective style because I never feel like I fully rinse the shampoo out and then that can turn to mildew. Gross. But I do rinse my scalp with water regularly and I also use oils because dry scalp is the main culprit of itchy scalp. I like light, thin oils such as avocado, olive or almond oil.

Blonde Goddess Faux Locs

Blonde Goddess Faux Locs

How long does it last?

I make it last about 6 weeks. 8 weeks if I'm feeling really lazy. This might seem like a long time but I do it myself so that means I can refresh my edges whenever I want.

Is it easy to take down?

Yes. The taking down is the easy part because you can cut the ends off and just unravel.


Versatile to style, messy is better so it looks even better when it's getting old, it protects your hair.


None really, but I guess some people might find it quite heavy. Not me though.

How many locs do I have in?

98! That's quite a lot, but I wanted them thin.

You might benefit from watching my Goddess Locs tutorial here