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10 reasons why I love box braids


Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

10 reasons why I love box braids

Lynda Moyo


1. Ten hours of intensive hard labour = over a month of hair freedom. Amen to that.

2. They make me resist moments of utter madness when I think I want to chop my hair off! Growing your hair can seem to take forever, so braids can give you that length you want instantly (whilst you carry on growing sloooowly in the background.)

3. Same as the previous, but for colour. No need to dye it when you can just buy it.

4. Speaking of buying it…. braids are so cheap. Like £1.99 per pack of synthetic kanekalon hair.

5. They’re therapeutic to put in. For me anyway. I love sitting, watching TV, braiding for 10 hours whilst my husband brings me cups of tea and complains about the hair tumble weed all round the apartment. Oops.


6. My hair mantra in the words of an Alicia Keys song that’s absolutely nothing to do with hair, is as follows… ‘You gotta love it or leave it alone.’ Personally I have a habit of forgetting to love my hair, damaging it with the dryer, scorching it with the straighteners etc, so wearing box braids is me leaving it alone. It’s the best protective style.

7. Braids don’t end at just braids. You can wear them in a ponytail, bun, braid, wrap and the list goes on.

8. You’ll never get bored of them because you can experiment with different lengths, thickness and colour.

9. They’re in fashion again! I like to think I set the trend, not Solange. Been whippin’ mine with Brandy since the ‘90s ;-)

10. Braids unite. Check out one of my favourite websites for braid stalking, I LOVE BOX BRAIDS which also inspired my braids board on Pinterest