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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

How to take box braids out quickly

Lynda Moyo

When you’ve spent ten hours putting your box braids in, the last thing you want is to sit there for another ten taking them out. Well over the years I’ve managed to pick up some speed when it comes to removing braids. I don’t use a comb or any props, just my two index fingers (preferably with longish nails). 

Holding the braid with the rest of my fingers, I alternate my index fingers through the centre of the braid, dragging them down until they’re off the end of the braid. It’s kind of like climbing a ladder and as you get better at it, you’ll pick up a rhythm and speed.

It now takes me about 30 seconds to take out one braid and about an hour for the whole head.

At the end of each braid I always separate the roots of my own hair, especially where it’s collected dust and dirt. If you don’t do this you’ll have a tougher job detangling it later trust me! With afro hair it’s always better to work in small sections no matter what you’re doing.

By the way, I tend to take my braids out after they’ve been in a maximum of 6 weeks. Any longer than this and the roots become so filthy and matted. I find this is a good amount of time to leave for healthy hair and to see some growth. And if you really want to see mega growth, braid your hair, leave it in for 6 weeks, take it out, rest it for a week, put it back in braids for 6 weeks. Repeat this cycle for a year and you’ll see amazing length results from keeping your hair protected.