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Lynda Moyo

I should have started this blog 10 years ago...

That was when I decided to stop relaxing my hair and reconnect with my natural texture after almost a lifetime of hair relaxer.

I was over the broken ends and the unhealthy addiction I had to getting my ‘roots done’ the minute they grew out. It dawned on me I had no idea what my natural hair was like anymore and all these years I’d been conditioned to believe that straighter somehow meant greater. A teacher actually referred to me as “that girl with woolly hair” when she couldn't remember my name once. I was sick of the shame spiral I'd found myself stuck in.

During my transition I went through a year of thick fuzzy roots, limp lifeless ends and makeshift styles until one day, in a moment of frustration, I made the big chop and got rid of every last bit of relaxer. And with it went any stigma about my natural hair. 

Since that day I've tried every natural hairstyle going myself at home and loved the process of repairing my ‘it’s complicated’ relationship with my hair.

Now fully natural and past my shoulders for the first time since I was a kid I'm finally free to explore. If I see a style I like, I try it. I'm the first to slap on a wig, track a weave or braid all the way down to my waist if it takes my fancy. Bushy afros, up-dos, 80s curls… straight can still be great too, just not greater than any other style. Hair, and black hair in particular, is the ultimate freedom of expression in 2016 and that makes me really happy.

I'm long over due sharing my hair journal but I hope now it’s here it will inspire those with hair similar to mine. Because if I had access to a site like this when I was a little girl who hated her afro... well I just might have had a mind of my own when it came to my mane. 



So welcome to my hair blog, M.O.Y.O - Mane Of Your Own. It is of course no coincidence that Moyo is also my maiden name ;-)

Lynda x



Tamar Smith 23.09.90 - 08.09.16

Tamar Smith 23.09.90 - 08.09.16