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Afro and curly hair blog with news, reviews, opinions and tutorials from journalist Lynda Moyo.

Passion Twists tutorial - the style of the summer

Lynda Moyo

Boho passion twists with ombre and mixed hair

Boho passion twists with ombre and mixed hair

It’s the style of the summer that everyone is talking about. Passion twists are a trend started by The Boho Babe who came up with the style as a quick and easy alternative to the goddess locs that we all know and love.

If I’m completely honest I have never loved twists. They often remind me of those tie backs you get on old fashioned curtains so I knew it would really take a lot for me to ditch the braids for them. Well, I’ve tried them and I now take it all back!

Twists don’t have to be neat and shiny. Passion twists prove they can be just as free and natural looking as real dreadlocks but the real beauty of them is they take a fraction of the time to create. Here’s how I did mine…

What’s the best hair to use for passion twists?

I was 100% inspired by a Youtuber named Alex Jae. If you have a look on her page you’ll see that she creates the most natural looking, Lisa Bonet-esque, hippy chic passion twists. Part of the reason why hers are so great is the colour. She used Freetress Water Wave braid 12” in colour TT27 which is a two tone ombre brown and honey blonde. This hair has been so popular that it’s sold out in a lot of shops and I had the same problem. But where there’s a will there’s a way and there are many other brands and colours that look just as good! I opted for 22 inch Cherish deep twist bulk in colour 2 (two packs,) 22 inch Cherish deep twist bulk in colour DE27 (five packs) and 22 inch Aftress deep twist bulk in colour T27 (one pack). This combination of colours created a really natural, sunkissed, highlighted look. See my video for how I mixed the colours on my head.

How many packs of hair do you need for passion twist?

I used 8 packs in total. But this depends on how chunky you want them. I wanted mine to be thick and full so I needed a lot of hair.

What’s the best way to do passion twists?

As with all protective styles, the best way is whatever works best for your hair. So for for my hair the best way did not require any rubber bands, gel or foam/mousse and I'm really happy with the result. No twists have slipped out. This is because my hair is quite coarse (roughly a 4A curl pattern) so braids and twists tend to stay in really easily. To put mine in I braided the extension hair in at the root and then started to twist. I kept twisting all the way to the end. And voila!

What styles can you do with passion twists?

I like to wear mine down and in a messy side parting. It works up in a high pony too. I’ve also experimented with accessories and I really love these little gold hair rings that look very boho! (If you purchase through this link I will make a very small commission so thank you)

How long do passion twists last?

As I type this, I’m on week five and my twists are ready to come out. They still look good to the untrained eye, but my hair needs washing now. I guess how long they last, as with most protective styles, depends on how well you look after them. But that said I didn’t do anything special with mine. I didn’t even wear a scarf at night. Oops!

Are passion twists heavy?

I would say they are heavier than box braids because I used way more hair but they’re not uncomfortable.

Mane of Your Own podcast baby!

Lynda Moyo

(L-R) Claire Quansah and Lynda Moyo, Mane Of Your Own podcasts hosts

(L-R) Claire Quansah and Lynda Moyo, Mane Of Your Own podcasts hosts

I’ve been a bit quiet of late for two lovely reasons. The first is, I’m expecting my second baby and for anyone who has a toddler and is pregnant you’ll know just how tiring that is. Mama is knackered and as a result my hair, well, just isn’t worth sharing right now!

Secondly, in terms of Mane of Your Own, we too have just had a new ‘baby’…. The first full British podcast on black hair.

I say we, as I absolutely couldn’t have done this without my friend Claire Quansah AKA Mumsomnia. Together we have launched Mane of Your Own - the podcast and even though we only came up with the full idea in September we’ve somehow managed to get our first episode out during Black History Month and we’re oh so proud of it.  So a bit more about it…

Why are we doing a podcast on black hair?

Quite simply because we could talk about it endlessly. It used to be sort of taboo to talk so openly about what was going on with your Afro beneath the weaves and braids. But now we’re much more open and proud to not only discuss issues, but also help each other get better at looking after our hair.

In the podcast trailer I describe it as ‘getting to the root of the deep tangle that is our hair’ simply because there is so much to say that goes way beyond hair styles. It can get personal. It can get political. Ultimately both Claire and I have stories and experiences to share that we feel are worth hearing, no matter what your hair texture or preference is. We also want to get others onboard as guests to discuss specific topics. We’re already learning a lot and long may it continue.

Mane of Your Own

Where can you listen?

You can listen to Mane of Your Own - the podcast on the following platforms:




Also available on Android, just search Mane of Your Own.

What sorts of topics can we expect?

To be clear, this isn’t just a podcast about natural hair. It’s important to both of us that it’s inclusive. The beauty of Afro hair is the different options it allows, from weaves to braids, straight to kinky, wigs and more. It’s our crowning glory and we want to honour that.

In terms of topics, we have a list as long as my arm. High on the agenda right now is the natural hair movement, relaxers and straightening, the 'professional' debate, hair shops and why very few are run by black or mixed race women, the culture of black hair salons, hair loss and much more.

For the very first episode though, we thought it would make sense to talk about our own hairstory, what it was like growing up in the UK in the 80s and 90s with Afro hair, including discussions with their mothers too. My mum is white British and talks about how white mothers have a duty to learn and understand how to manage their mixed race children’s hair. Whilst Claire's mum, who is from Ghana, talks about how things have changed since the 60s and how raising two daughters to love their natural hair wasn't always easy.

How can you get in touch to be part of the podcast?

For comments, questions and topic suggestions simply use the hashtag #maneofyourown and we’ll respond. And if you’d like to come on the pod as an expert on a particular topic then please do email me: and I will get back to you.

Happy listening!

How to make long hair into a short box braids bob

Lynda Moyo


NO CROCHET! NO SCISSORS! After some thought and Youtube searching, I figured out a way to make my mid-back length hair into a short length chunky box braids bob and I love it! It was so easy (only took around 3-4 hours) and you don't need anything other than some small elastic bands and kanekalon hair cut to your desired length. 

This is the length of my natural hair when straightened

This is the length of my natural hair when straightened

The ombre hair I used is It's the three tone colour number 53 braiding hair (price $10:99 per packet). I used 1b dark brown kanekalon hair underneath by Dream Girl. Full video tutorial below.

How to tie a perfect African head wrap

Lynda Moyo


I bought this head wrap from Sunu Ker ages ago but everytime I wear it I always get asked how I wrapped it so well and if it took a long time. The truth is I do it very quickly and it's so easy - anyone could do it with the right scarf and know how. 

Below is a tutorial of how I wrap my hair up perfectly in less than two minutes...

I highly recommend the head wrap I used from Sunu Ker - prices from £7.50. It's a real high quality fabric (100% cotton from 100% cotton straight from a Senegal fabric market.) and comes in the perfect shape - a long rectangle - with a label to mark the centre. You start by placing the label face down at the nape of your neck. Then get wrapping!

Ombre braids hairstyle for 2018

Lynda Moyo


Ombre box braids have been a rising black hair trend for sometime now thanks partly to Beyonce’s Lemonade which showcased so many amazing braids styles. 

I think ombre braids will continue to be the hairstyle for 2018. However, when I’ve looked in my usual afro hair shops in Manchester, I’ve never been able to find the natural, sun-kissed, well-blended ombre braiding hair I dream of. 

Luckily for me, a fabulous 100% woman-owned and black-owned company called Latched and Hooked have been admiring my braids styles on Instagram from afar - 4,000 miles to be precise, they are based in Atlanta in the USA but ship worldwide! They offered to send me some hair from their vast collection so I could share my results with my followers. Mission accepted!

Watch my full video tutorial below and scroll further for questions and answers about this look…

What is this fabulous braiding hair?

The hair I used for this natural looking hairstyle is from the Latched and Hooked Braid Collection. The hair is from their curated line of custom dyed synthetic textured braiding hair. 

The colour I chose is a three toned ombre number 53 and it costs $10.99 per pack. There are a lot of different colour combinations on their website from the natural to the completely whacky! Rainbow colours are really trendy right now too and Latch & Hooked has the entire spectrum! 

How many packets of hair were used?

I chose to do my box braids quite thin and I left the ends out to copy that Zoe Kravitz style that I love so much. I used a tiny pinch of hair per braid and it’s because of this that my whole head only required 2 full packs of hair. I had lots left over which I will use for a future style. A little goes a long way when you do very thin braids.


What products did you use under your braids?

I moisturised my hair using Blue Magic - this is a product I used to use when I was a kid and I've recently started using it again because my hair grew to my waist back then!

How long did it take to finish these braids?

I braid my own hair by myself and I never do it all in one sitting. I like to take my time and do it over a number of days. This probably took me about 15 hours in total. But when you break that down over 4 days it’s actually not so bad! And you can always hide the stages with head wraps - my favourite are from Sunuker, (another woman-owned black-owned company) - and by cleverly disguising the unfinished sections by tying it up in a bun. 

How do you seal the ends of the braids?

I don’t seal the ends when they’re this thin. This hair has a nice textured grip to it so it doesn’t slip out anyway. 

How did you get the braids to look wavy?

I wore these braids straight for Christmas and then in the New Year I wanted a new look so I made my braids into two chunky braids and then dunked them in boiling water. I dried them off and undid the braids and voila - wavy hair!

Dunk the two big braids into boiling water (be careful). Pat dry then undo and the waves will stay.

Dunk the two big braids into boiling water (be careful). Pat dry then undo and the waves will stay.

How often do you need to wash these braids?

Personally I don’t wash my braids. This is personal choice. I have no issue with leaving them to marinate in their own natural oils for 4-6 weeks (lol) but some people don’t like doing that. 

How long does this braids style last?

It depends how well you look after them and how good the hair is - a lot of synthetic hair gets matted and tangled quite quickly. This hair is high quality and lasts well so I will leave this in for 6 weeks.


Would I recommend this braiding hair?

This is some of the best braiding hair I’ve used. It’s really soft, the colour is very natural looking, blended perfectly like a true ombre and also it did not tangle up too much. I thought it was great value considering I only used 2 packs and didn’t waste any hair due to tangling. I also feel great knowing I’m supporting a black business woman by using this hair which sounds corny but it’s the truth, go listen to Family Feud ;-)

Want to recreate this style? Buy ombre braiding hair from Latched and Hooked.

Follow me on Instagram @maneofyourown.


My homage to new Vogue and Adwoa Aboah

Lynda Moyo


This is my homage to Edward Enninful's new Vogue for December 2017 and cover girl Adwoa Aboah.

Why have I recreated this cover? When I was younger I didn't see a reflection of myself on the cover of Vogue. 

What's worse is I never questioned it either. It was just a given. British, brown-skinned freckled girls did not belong on the cover of fashion magazines. 

In fact, only 12 British Vogue covers over the last 25 years have featured any black women at all. That's roughly one every two years. That's unacceptable. And THAT Guardian interview with former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman is inexcusable. 

Of those 12 covers, it's also worth mentioning that only two black models (Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn) have graced the cover of British Vogue alone. I fear even worse for the statistics of Asian women.

But that is hopefully about to change. And it's for this reason the new cover of British Vogue and the changes that have led to it mean so much to me and so many others like me.

The original and best! British Vogue Dec 2017.

The original and best! British Vogue Dec 2017.

No, I will never be the unique and stunning Adwoa Aboah, but with this cover I see me. Finally, I see me.

The future of this magazine is now exciting and I'm proud to be a new subscriber.

P.S. It's no coincidence that I chose to have my skin and eye makeup done by inclusive makeup brand Fenty Beauty at Harvey Nichols, Manchester for this photo. With thanks to @miss.ilunga. Products used below: